Expanding to RPGSports!

We’ve heard a lot of great feedback, but one thing we weren’t expecting was SO much interest for us to expand outside of just Dungeons & Dragons! Therefore, we’ve decided to broaden our approach and become RPGSports!

We have a new Twitch channel here!

This wider umbrella means that we can position ourselves to easily collaborate with other tabletop games. What other tabletop games would you like to see in a competitive style in the future?

Of course, in other ways this doesn’t change too much. The first RPGSports tournament this November will still be played using the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules. We noticed some confusion online, and so wanted to take this opportunity to clarify that this is an EncounterRoleplay production. While D&DBeyond are sponsoring this tournament, Wizards of the Coast are not affiliated with RPGSports.

We’re excited to start releasing more information on rules, to announce the star-studded teams, and to tell you how you can get involved in RPGSports!

Thanks for sticking with us while this exciting project continues to expand and grow.

Follow us on Twitter for updates, and feel free to reach out for media inquiries to rpgsportstv@gmail.com

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  1. How about some of the Chronicles of Darkness games? Territorial packs of werewolves from Forsaken facing off with one another, rival mages from Awakening carefully executing arcane duels, coteries of vampires from Requiem going up against each other in battles of manipulation and influence before they end up in a face-to-face showdown… That sorta thing.

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